In the begging there was


.. A slow as tits 1978 colt lancer,1200cc,leaf sprung etc.  shit was real until it came time to sell it and found out the whole strut tower/chassis thing had rusted out (wtf?) so that was a bummer.

In the mean time though I had my eyes set on this…

An 83′ kp62, worked 4k, 5speed, suspension wheels etc, I ended up buying it off a friend and not long after this happened..

Fuck I hate people that don’t own up to what they do, hit and run? lol.
Sucks anyway I ended up getting  my humble longchamps stolen from underneath me (they weren’t even mine), a new door, new drivers seat and
new wheels.. It looks so rough, pics to come.  Oh and don’t drop washers down your carb, it’s not even cool.fuck/


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