3rd time lucky

fSo i messed around this weekend and got the 1ggte in the gx61, I didn’t read up on the conversion at all which i regret. I assumed being G series and having the same blocks etc it would be a bolt in conversion, In short, I had to steal the sump of the old 1geu to make it ‘front sump’ obviously to clear crossmembers and swaybars,  2nd attempt and i got low enough to realise the engine mounts didn’t work, i swapped them over also and moved them forward on the engine to the next set of holes, shabam 3rd time lucky. theres also 1 thread and nut you have to cut of on the exhaust shield that hits your power steering. Take this advice or your sunday becomes a very long day. I also finished up the manual conversion which went mostly pain free after stealing some parts of the s13 :0

For those that don’t know, its a 1ggte which is the 1jz’s early little brother, and a close ratio w57. Both out of an Mz20 soarer.


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