SurFab, the place where you go when you need your BMX frame welded up..Or pretty much anything done to improve your car.
-Above; Dans/Nothingsfree’s Corolla project is the first thing that you spot when arriving at the workshop/apartment block. Alot of work has already gone into this car, nick named “Kermit”. Build here

Simon Urquhart is the guy behind it all,  Driver of the Red, 3sge notch in the drift south series, This little car is getting a stupidly gnarly overhaul atm,
600hp anyone?
Here’s a small video of the old setup he recently sold..
..This wasn’t expected when opening up the bonnet of a ke70 wagon.
Spare 1g alteza engine with flipped exhaust to solve clearance problems!
fuckyes. +10 points!
Minitrucks? yes. This has been in the shop for forever.
Hopefully It gets completed sometime.

So yeah, when you need anything from a BMX frame to a Fullcage welded up go see them, I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help.
Chur for welding up my frame/tiniest weld ever!

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