Seems like nothing is really going on with our own cars as of late, so i guess you could call this an update. I’ve aquired this c33 laurel off a friend of a friend who needed money and i happened to be in the right place at the right time, long story it was a deal i couldn’t pass up,

Have done afew things to it and as it sits now it has

tein superdrifts
hks manifold
tomei downpipe
s15, t28 BB
avs model 5’s
trust exahuast
s14 subframe
r33 lsd
uras gearbox mouts
uras kit
nardi wheel
bride zeta
bride ergo
stripped interior
4pot and 5 stud
rocker arm stoppers
GTR intercooler

Stoked to be driving a rwd car again, fills a huge void. expect to see more updates soon. plan is to put the vs-xx’s on it somehow and get some power out of the wee SR, oh yeah and actually get it legal-ish.


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