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Another day

DSCF3068 YxGSub(open in new tab if GIF isn’t GIF’ing)
DSCF3067Some more drifting photos for this drift blog… this day was actually really fun!  Hopefully there’s a podium finish waiting for you streetmeat boys tomorrow!


3 months deep

Alright, well i’ve now been in Japan for 3 months. I’ve got a new job and am moving to yokohama area very soon. Times gone fast here but alot has happened that we have just been to lazy to update. So heres me putting some effort in.

Anyway I had a night like no other not to long ago with Toby that spreaded across tokyo, nagano, yokohama, kawasaki and was just plain and simply surreal. I would love to ellaborate more than im about too but i swear my words won’t do it any justice. Instead ill use key words……….Girldrifter, s14, 200kph tunnels, 1jz, sr2o, expressway, friends house, team street speed, team stickers, drove in formula D, took us street drifting spots, met team leader, 700hp laurel, team magician jzx, team frees s13, daikoku futo, street drifting, Cops come, getting home at 6.30am still having a smile from ear to fucking ear. Can’t wait till this is a every weekend event. I would show you videos and pictures of street drifting but i only took some on my phone cause daikoku is just not somewhere you film these days as the police are pretty serious about the whole deal.

Heres a picture of the dudes garage we met that night, 36 a wedding planner and drove in formula d and speaks business level english. Coolest dude ever..


Micheal Scott

So we met up with some friends from NZ at matsuri that are doing abit of a world tour at the moment. They were tagging along with Micheal who comes over most years, and takes his matsuri car home to part it out etc etc, Long story short the amazing condition s14 slammed itself into Nathans jzx90 boat and you can guess who come off best. Luckily only body damage and was very much still driftable.


Spring Matsuri Teaser Pleaser

Yeah, so myself and Jesse went to g1gp and matsuri day/night and I also attended today till around 6pm to watch everyone burn off their last sets. Matsuri was pretty sweet! Too many Australians for my liking but mind blowingly awesome none the less ;). Bare with us while we attempt to throw some footage together. Heres some photos to get us started though.
DSC01196 (more…)


Drift South…

Drift South...

a few shots of my car from round 4, having mechanical problems all day still managed to come 2nd in street legal and took out best presented vehicle…photos by Max Spooner and Matt Speedy


DSCF2753More coverage of RedBull Drift Shifters..just what we need-sigh-
Like many I made the trip up to the big smoke for Mr.whiddett’s big event and fuck it was sweet!
Finally got to see/meet Matt Powers! blah blah he aint what he used to be , big gay v8  big sponsor bullshit,, MATT PPOWERSSZZ!!

daigoAnd Daigo Saito!! This was the first car I saw when I arrived and fuck it is so dialed in person!
Check out that reach of god for the zip-ties!
DSCF2766DSCF2768DSCF2796Yeah he won.
I even got his and daigo’s signature I’m that much of a fanboy and I hate the Pro spec drift series!
Now if you havn’t had enough of  all the coverage of this event already then check out this cool vid OverSteerTV put together

27.11.12 that day

So here’s the shots from Tuesdays practice day,everything went pretty smooth.. Marcus’ car didn’t break which is good haha

Alb’s new setup sounds amazing and looks 10x cooler! Thrashed it for most the day till had enough but nothing major so he’ll be back out on saturday!
Here’s andrews 180sx ca18det using some extra lock  thanks to his new 555knuckle. Unfortunately near the end the day when the cambelt snapped ending his fun.

And yes, Callum lived that stress free life screaming&smoking his 4agze round the track all day long!




The final countdown..