Thanks to zahid for his time and talent, motherfucker can take photos thats for sure, heres a photo of a photo being taken. xox?


Fuckin’ albz aye

Albz…… what else do i say.

Not sure if i can bring myself to post the video of what happened to result in his engine bay ending up like this. Maybe when i stop feeling sorry for him in like 10 mins or something.

Trackday fun in the sun

Sunny day at ruapuna brought a good day for some. Some of the crew decided to enter last minute inluding myself, callum (kp) ben (ke70) and jesse (s13) all made an appearance also. Heres a phoo dump, photos stole from zahid from awesomepowered.com and some stolen from F.A.B photography. Chur….  there was plenty of drama but thats for another post, there also some gopro footage that we will get up soon.  Oh also WHITTAKER!!!! was there. d1nz champ i think?


callums ae85 straight chillin’ in the garage, now with 3au removed and awaiting a 20v 4age and all sorts of goodies.

Progress from namm, All plugged up..Clutch being a ass still.Intercooler/Radiator sorted. Piping sooon to come.

Low isn’t even low, low will be lower.

 Parcel tray fucked right off along with his mate sound deadening. Will be running a strut brace to replace some lost steel.  Clean/paint asap


Slowly piecing it back together..cutting it up more!

TX2K11 < lol

Dunno why this only has 4k views and not 1 million. (note full slicks)
If i had this much power i think that is how i would travel around also.

P.S Scotts a faggot.