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Micheal Scott

So we met up with some friends from NZ at matsuri that are doing abit of a world tour at the moment. They were tagging along with Micheal who comes over most years, and takes his matsuri car home to part it out etc etc, Long story short the amazing condition s14 slammed itself into Nathans jzx90 boat and you can guess who come off best. Luckily only body damage and was very much still driftable.




Thanks to zahid for his time and talent, motherfucker can take photos thats for sure, heres a photo of a photo being taken. xox?

Toby’s a31 rolling deep with his new viennas up front, Full sets beat mismatch everytime.

Full Dealz

The c33 is now full cage
full interior                                                                                     If anyone wants to purchase a genuine bride brix email (
full comfortable drifts

My gx61 finally got out and about , drove it to a little meet up at a friends garage for a photo shoot with Hisashi from the classic car magazine “Nostalgic hero” , He come to New zealand and a friend was touring him around some garages. There was a big meet in a local carpark aswell so expect more pics of this genre,

Considering selling this also, enquires welcome!


Selling some stuff, I’ll chuck the wheels up on here first before they go on tm to see if anyone’s keen.  Never got to rep these on my car, cry.
Bitches love these things

Cst zero-1 hyper/mb battles 17×9.5 +15 all round (5×114)
Three are in good condition with the fourth hitting a curb I guess,
Had it quoted for $500 to repair it by elite wheels.
The two rear wheels have 235 40’s Nankang ns-2s on them with good tread.
the other tyre is stuffed, leave a comment if you’re interested.
Asking what I paid for them in this state, $1000

Bride Ergo –
Ruca’s –
Shitty sideskirts –
Zenki lip –
Kouki spoiler –


GAB coilovers –
Ikeya Formula Toe arms –
Cusco Caster arms –

For Sale now too. snap em’ up.


I promise i will get this back soon and do a huge burnout. ahah.

This is my fathers 68′ Firebird. It doesn’t get out much. Blown 383 for anyone who cares.