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Food bowls



So yeah, lately i’ve just been collecting parts for the s13. I snapped these up for a very reasonable price of Joel from c’s garage. Pretty stoked on them, (Sizes are 18×9.5 -10 and 18×10.5 – 31) I also brought an engine but ill keep that under wraps for now. Cage and other serious shit will start when i find a daily D. So if you know of anything cheap hit me up 🙂

Missing you.

Seriously had so many good times in this car. Learnt alot building it and driving it. Will miss its loudness its roughness its i don’t give a fuckness its attention seeking sound and looks. WE LOVE YOU SILLYCAR!!! RIP

Yeah so i sold it.



Lazy Sunday’s

Everyone thought thomas died today.

He didn’t.

Plus someone tell me what to do with these shitty cars. Buy one, or two, or swap me something, or do something, or sell me something, just do something. I get bored so quickly. Picture unrelated completely.


tradme: Toyota celica sa60

Trade me

Been so slack with this but oh well.

1984 Toyota Mark ll Grande ( note the comment by the seller at the end “would suit boso project”) He knows also.

All Electrics, Imported, Special, Used

Transmission Details: Automatic w/Overdrive
Interior Details: Plush Luxury Trim
Seats: 5

Only One Elderly Owner Since Imported In 1989, None Left Like This, Totally Original Japanese Classic Luxury Model Grande, Smooth 2.0 6 Cyl Engine, All Luxury Options, Suit Collector or Boso Project!, MAKE AN OFFER!

The asking price is 3,990 NZD which i thought was pretty fair. Oh how i would love to daily the Fuck out of this.

Go buy it here: