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Spring Matsuri Teaser Pleaser

Yeah, so myself and Jesse went to g1gp and matsuri day/night and I also attended today till around 6pm to watch everyone burn off their last sets. Matsuri was pretty sweet! Too many Australians for my liking but mind blowingly awesome none the less ;). Bare with us while we attempt to throw some footage together. Heres some photos to get us started though.
DSC01196 (more…)



Thanks to zahid for his time and talent, motherfucker can take photos thats for sure, heres a photo of a photo being taken. xox?


I’ve neglected the leaky scraped up beaten up exhaust on the c33 for forever now and finally got it on the hoist and commited, ended up using the good parts left of the trust cat back and the hks front pipe and also made up a 1 to 2 end tip which was harder then i thought it would be to be honest, But it turned out quite good so im happy. nothings below chassis now so should be reasonably safe.


Been slacking with updates lately, 65 hour weeks make for minimilistic amounts of posts but we made this wee vid while messin around the other weekend. Also, i’ve actually been working on my car, so maybe some other updates soon. Enjoy.

P.s the dudes at the back are stopping the car from hitting the wall, (commitment to burnouts lul)

Pignose Nastyness

As you can see, all tuned up, uncomplied but still shredding. Plus burnouts never get old don’t kid yourself.


Andy’s pignose 180sx now front tubs fresh tune etc etc, video to come. 😉


callums ae85 straight chillin’ in the garage, now with 3au removed and awaiting a 20v 4age and all sorts of goodies.

Kp phone edit.

dear wee starlet