3 months deep

Alright, well i’ve now been in Japan for 3 months. I’ve got a new job and am moving to yokohama area very soon. Times gone fast here but alot has happened that we have just been to lazy to update. So heres me putting some effort in.

Anyway I had a night like no other not to long ago with Toby that spreaded across tokyo, nagano, yokohama, kawasaki and was just plain and simply surreal. I would love to ellaborate more than im about too but i swear my words won’t do it any justice. Instead ill use key words……….Girldrifter, s14, 200kph tunnels, 1jz, sr2o, expressway, friends house, team street speed, team stickers, drove in formula D, took us street drifting spots, met team leader, 700hp laurel, team magician jzx, team frees s13, daikoku futo, street drifting, Cops come, getting home at 6.30am still having a smile from ear to fucking ear. Can’t wait till this is a every weekend event. I would show you videos and pictures of street drifting but i only took some on my phone cause daikoku is just not somewhere you film these days as the police are pretty serious about the whole deal.

Heres a picture of the dudes garage we met that night, 36 a wedding planner and drove in formula d and speaks business level english. Coolest dude ever..



Spring Matsuri Teaser Pleaser

Yeah, so myself and Jesse went to g1gp and matsuri day/night and I also attended today till around 6pm to watch everyone burn off their last sets. Matsuri was pretty sweet! Too many Australians for my liking but mind blowingly awesome none the less ;). Bare with us while we attempt to throw some footage together. Heres some photos to get us started though.
DSC01196 (more…)

“what do you do if you don’t blog anymore” they said

p1well we do, it just sucks. Members in Japan should post travel pics while I continue to dream about this
-vintage- L700 Mira! so sweet!


Roo from StayClassy was in town over the weekend so some of the boys got together to have a few photoshoots with him
go check them out, Gooding brothers and some homo with a blue skyline..




Part 3



Theres always a couple of cars that game change shit for you personally. This is the jzx100 that does it for me. Everytime without fail. minkara profile of this rules my world. You’re not aloud it. But here are some pictures. 🙂


The final countdown..


Thanks to zahid for his time and talent, motherfucker can take photos thats for sure, heres a photo of a photo being taken. xox?