Micheal Scott

So we met up with some friends from NZ at matsuri that are doing abit of a world tour at the moment. They were tagging along with Micheal who comes over most years, and takes his matsuri car home to part it out etc etc, Long story short the amazing condition s14 slammed itself into Nathans jzx90 boat and you can guess who come off best. Luckily only body damage and was very much still driftable.



Spring Matsuri Teaser Pleaser

Yeah, so myself and Jesse went to g1gp and matsuri day/night and I also attended today till around 6pm to watch everyone burn off their last sets. Matsuri was pretty sweet! Too many Australians for my liking but mind blowingly awesome none the less ;). Bare with us while we attempt to throw some footage together. Heres some photos to get us started though.
DSC01196 (more…)


We’re Back!!!……Kind of!

Not even bad! Sounds much worse than what it was. Got off lucky with a wee dent and a bent arm! :)…. Still had a fun night!!


Rooftop bar in Prague square, Beer and sundaes don’t mix.. take me back!


Ferrari Maranello, Italy.. I was fortunate enough to thrash a Lamborghini Superleggera(ironically)around the streets on the wrong side of  both the car&road, A DAILY DREAM!!hahaha

Peugeot Paris

Crazy Peugeot concept/carbon race car in their show rooms. How gnar is the brake/wheel set up!!

Arc de Triomphe – Pairs