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Wide-body BMW M3 on 16″ BBS Mesh, Toyo R888’s allround.


I promise i will get this back soon and do a huge burnout. ahah.

Wee update on my own cars, Got the front wheels back for the corona (which is getting a new windscreen in atm), brand new halfs spun for the bbs centres, turned out amazingly well, and made my own rendition of the nismo power brace a while back for the s13, and because i have an obsession with ‘raw’ i stripped and cleared coated it ­čÖé


Rusty Guards and over sized wheels

I took some photos of Marcus’ Corona the other day.. The 15x10s are fitting right in in their new home. Word on the street is he’ll be drifting his tow car within the next fortnight.

My 2 cents worth.

Marcus.. you forgot one key step in the battle.

A not rolling body

Marcus is to shit to post his own car soo.. he recently got an s13.
Yes that’s marcus being a troll.

Oh and I snapped a stud off so now my s14 is 3×114. cool