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That shot everyone loves, Marcus gettin’ gas on the way to nostalgic hero garage meet awhile ago.


SkIn N4$ty Cu$T0Mz 2

Heres Simons old corona, tough as shit

My gx61 finally got out and about , drove it to a little meet up at a friends garage for a photo shoot with Hisashi from the classic car magazine “Nostalgic hero” , He come to New zealand and a friend was touring him around some garages. There was a big meet in a local carpark aswell so expect more pics of this genre,

Considering selling this also, enquires welcome!

Fuck Hellaflush,
Fuck Stancenation,
Fuck Fatlace,
Fuck Gordy,

Who are they anyway 🙂 Yeah it finally goes, members of the public watch the fuck out, self rep.


A – 3.5

My driveshaft for the corona should be done tomorrow, Im hoping to drive it this weekend if all goes well. Ill try get a video so we have something decent to post, because i think we’ve both been pretty slack with cars lately.


End of film overlapping, Shot from a day trip to kaikoura a while back. Good times.

Place of work.

Callum Ben and I got the gx61 started again. It spools and runs, Im actually pretty sure it was freeboosting. Needs afew adjustments to make it run perfectly but its getting there. Took this photo a while back before i had a clean up. So glad the cold nights are almost over.

3rd time lucky

fSo i messed around this weekend and got the 1ggte in the gx61, I didn’t read up on the conversion at all which i regret. I assumed being G series and having the same blocks etc it would be a bolt in conversion, In short, I had to steal the sump of the old 1geu to make it ‘front sump’ obviously to clear crossmembers and swaybars,  2nd attempt and i got low enough to realise the engine mounts didn’t work, i swapped them over also and moved them forward on the engine to the next set of holes, shabam 3rd time lucky. theres also 1 thread and nut you have to cut of on the exhaust shield that hits your power steering. Take this advice or your sunday becomes a very long day. I also finished up the manual conversion which went mostly pain free after stealing some parts of the s13 :0

For those that don’t know, its a 1ggte which is the 1jz’s early little brother, and a close ratio w57. Both out of an Mz20 soarer.